Second periodic exam schedule bared

Curriculum and Instruction Services Division (CISD) Arnel Bermejo posted on Wednesday the schedule of the second periodic exams.

Based on the schedule, the exams will be on October 7-9, which is two days earlier than the schedule indicated in the school calendar.

Bermejo said the exams were moved to an earlier date because of the postponement of the National Competitive Examination (NCE) also known as PSHS entrance test from September 28 to October 12.

Some teachers will be chief examiners and proctors during the NCE on October 12, hence the change of the periodic exam schedules.

After the exams, the entire Pisay Bicol community will busy themselves with the preparations for the forthcoming six-day 15th anniversary celebration of the campus.

It’s official: another team from Pisay-Bicol to join in WRO

It’s no longer three teams, but four teams will join in the World Robot Olympiad in Jakarta, Indonesia in November.

News came from coach Sevedeo Malate on Friday.

The fourth team to join the three teams which qualified earlier is composed of Jose Rico Buenagua, Ryan Jericho Valdoria, and Diane Joy Palacio, who placed fifth in the regular category of the Philippine eliminations earlier this month.

This would be the biggest group from Pisay-Bicol to ever join in the WRO.

Back Read: On the Other Hand

Back Read: On the Other Hand

Editor’s Note: Prior to winning in the NSPC group contest, The Bicol Scholar won two trophies in the 2006 St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards. One of the trophies was for the Outstanding Editorial for High School Publication. Through our WordPress version, we would like to give you the winning editorial entitled “On the Other Hand”.


ON THE EVE of All Saints Day, some frenzied beings who couldn’t divest from the usual Halloween revelry once again dressed in uncanny costumes to look like the terrifying witches, white ladies, vampires, monsters, and all those spirits lurking in the dark, partied till dawn, and spooked on those who think the creatures are real. For most Filipinos, however, the Halloween this year was even spookier with the implementation of Republic Act 9337 or the new Expanded Value Added Tax (EVAT) law starting November 1.

Looking back, the temporary restraining order for the implementation of EVAT was lifted on October 18, and the added 2% to the then 10% VAT has been everyone’s reason to cower in fear as the soaring of prices of goods and services will ensue while workers’ meager incomes get more unable to support their families’ needs.

But do we have a reason to be afraid? Knowing that oil prices might just hit the 60-peso mark? A resounding YES! And our fear is compounded with doubts. How sure are we that this bigger tax would not tempt our officials to pocket what should go to the nation’s coffers? This idea—fact for some of us—has given some of us good reasons to march in the streets and attempt to trash the law. And we say that we have been suffering more than enough misery that it is completely inhumane to be given another burden.

But why the need for another 2 per cent on the existing 10-percent valued added tax?
Let us explain the facts, or maybe, just the fact: the country has a foreign debt of S54.8 million (as of March 2005). Surely, our benefactors did not consider our incapacity to pay detrimental to our economic growth. For decades now, the country has tried to pay all these debts that surely have rendered the government penniless thus unable to effect better services for its constituents—the Filipino nation. As one television public service puts it, it is utterly unbearable to make the next generation(s) of Filipinos shoulder such a serious financial obligation.

We have yet to see the good effects of the now quiet and of the laying off of some unneeded workforce in the government. We can say the same thing about the scrapping of some entirely worthless and money-eating government. Corruption, we might say, has not totally taken a lift from this trampled nation. How capable are we then to raise funds so we could pay our ballooning debts and better government services?

The Expanded Value Added Tax does not guarantee a better Philippines in just one wink, but it will surely be of help as it promises to yield revenues amounting to P80 billion. With the additional revenues, the country will no longer rely too much on foreign borrowings to fund infrastructure and pro-poor projects but will instead become more self-reliant. Thinking about it, the government is in need of funds— how do we expect it to serve us better if it is left penniless?

We say that this EVAT is for the better.

Can we cope with this? Of course we can. We, Filipinos, have been known for our flexibility, our ability to stretch a scanty budget to a hearty meal for a month. We also take pride in our resiliency, which has been tested by storms of all kinds—literal and figurative. We have had harder blows and they have taken us by storm; nevertheless, we have always learned to face everything however hard they come upon us.

Let us not take the EVAT as another plague that will obliterate us. Let us see it as one open channel through which the boat we are all riding will pass to catapult us out of the seawater of poverty and indebtedness. And though everything remains to be seen, let us be fervent that we will get the better of this law.

Final screening for press conference English team held

Final screening for press conference English team held

The final screening which aims to select the school’s English team for the secondary schools press conferrnce was held on Tuesday and Friday this week.

Several students vied for the available slots in news writing (2), feature writing (1), editorial writing (2), cooy reading (2), cartooning (1), and sports writing (1). The screening for science writing (2 available slots) will be held on Monday, Sept. 30.

The Bicol Scholar moderator Jerry Noveno conducted the screening due to the good number of potential contestants in the editorial board.

In sports writing and cartooning, the screening was open to all students due to the limited number of sports writers and cartoonists in the staff.

Meanwhile, The Bicol Scholar adviser announced that the screening for layout artists and technical scorer for both collaborative publishing and radio broadcasting, respectively, will be held on Monday.

Layout artist applicants should be familiar with adobe in-design software as it is the one used during contests.

The division press conference is scheduled on Nov. 8-9, 2013 at Bula National High School.

As was agreed during the meeting of officers in the division, only schools with publications can join in the academic contest.

Math unit to conduct Philippine Math Olympiad school-level elimination on Wednesday

Science, Math and Technology Department Head and Math teacher Arniel Bare has announced that the school-level eliminations of the 16th Philippine Math Olympiad (PMO) will be held on Wednesday, October 2.

The elimination is open to all interested students; the top eight will be chosen to represent the school in the qualifying stage on October 12 at the Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City.

The oldest and “most prestigious” nationwide mathematics competition among all high school students, PMO aims to stimulate the improvement of mathematics education in the country by awakening greater interest and appreciation of mathematics among students and teachers and gaining insights into the levels of mathematics learning.

The highest placement PSHS Bicol Region Campus has achieved in the PMO is the second-place finish of Aaron James Porlante (Class 2005) in the 2004 edition, national finals in Davao City.

Class 2012 alumnus Alfred Jason Enaje was third place in the area stage or the qualifying round for the nationals

BRC alumna is Miss Casino Filipino 2013 fourth runner-up


Salinel (rightmost) and the other winners with the Miss Casino FIlipino pageant organizer after the coronation night yesterday.

Bernadette Salinel, an alumna of Pisay Bicol (Class 2010), won fourth runner-up in Miss Casino Filipino 2013 on Sept. 27 at PAGCOR Grand Theater, Airport Casino Filipino, Paranaque City.

Salinel bested 24 other ladies including fellow Bicolana Kayesha Chua (Mutya ng Magayon 2011 second princess) and a former Bb. Pilipinas 2012 contestant Sherlyn Gonzales.


Salinel in long gown during the preliminary competition.

Salinel finished fifth to eventual winner Ladylyn Riva of Aklan (also a former Bb. Pilipinas contestant), first runner-up Anna Fernandina Buquid (Bb. Pilipinas 2013 contestant), second runner-up Catherine Marie Almirante, and third runner-up Marie Sharon Grace Angel.

Salinel represented Casino FIlipino Davao which held its pageant a few weeks ago.


Salinel during the Miss Casino Filipino Davao at Grand Regal Hotel, August 30.

Being the fourth runner-up, Salinel won P100,000.00.

Prior to joining in Miss Casino FIlipino, Salinel had already won a handful of beauty titles, namely: Miss Science, Miss Intramurals, and Miss PSHS-BRC (during her high school years), and Mutya ng Parau, Binibining Ligao, Mutya ng Magayon Tourism, Pinangat Festival Queen Tourism, and Mutya ng Pulang Angui Tourism 2013.

All photos in this post are courtesy of Miss Casino FIlipino Facebook account.




The Bicol Scholar WordPress now has 10,048 views

The Bicol Scholar WordPress now has 10,048 views

Since its reactivation in June this year, The Bicol Scholar WordPress version has already had 10,048 views, the site’s statistics reveals.

This number is 2,199.3 per cent higher than last year’s total views of 437 from February to December last year.

The site has been active only in June this year, with 1320 views, July (1629 views), August (3,551 views), which is the highest so far, and September (3,058 views).

The stats also reveal the top 10 most viewed articles (see picture in this post), most of them were news articles on the recent events in the campus, and a few others are features and back reads (or pictures and articles that were published in the paper).

The figures also reveal that views from the Philippines have reached 8,911; United States comes second with 435 views. Rounding out the top five countries with most views are Saudi Arabia (122), Canada (72), and Qatar (48).

To date, the site has published 75 posts and 20 followers, mostly alumni of PSHS Bicol Region Campus.

How to Survive Research

How to Survive Research

by William C. Del Rosario
Editor’s Note: This article was published in the second issue of The Bicol Scholar in SY 2006-2007

If fourth year students such as myself are asked, “What’s one of the biggest problems faced by senior students?” many would probably answer just one word: research. The methodology, paperwork, and not to mention the deadlines we struggle to meet can be frustrating. Because of this subject, some have shed some tears, spent sleepless nights finishing it, and caused a rift with group mates. And hey, it’s not even a major subject.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Doing your research doesn’t have to be this stressful and difficult. By following some pointers, you can manage your study with just a breeze. So, for those would-be seniors, here are some tips in handling your research.

Stick to your timetable.
During your third year, when you’re just starting you’re study, you’ll be asked to create a time table to determine the span of your study. Sadly, many fail to follow their timetables. By keeping track of your research calendar, you’ll avoid all the last-minute rush and problems that usually accompany cramming such as deadlines and printing mishaps.

Develop good communication with your group mates.
If you’re on your own, then you don’t have to worry about the occasional group squabbles. But, if you belong to one, it is best to be honest to your team mates if you feel that you are shouldering all the work or doing most of the spending and other problems. If you keep all this bottled up, then you’ll be the sorry one. One small conflict may end up to another and the next thing you know, you’re arguing with each other. This may jeopardize not only your research but your friendship as well. But, be sure not to get overboard in pointing out your group mate’s faults. If it’s not a big deal, let him/ her slide once in a while. After all, you’ll make mistakes along the way too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Having trouble with your methodology phase? Then don’t hesitate to consult your teacher. If he knows the answer to your problem, then he’ll be willing to assist you. After all, who knows better to explain it than your teachers, right? They are always ready to extend help because they want you to succeed. Just don’t forget to thank them and better yet, give them a token for their assistance.

Be optimistic.
No matter how hopeless the case you’re in, keep in mind that there’s always an answer to every problem. Staying positive can help you think clearly, producing ways of getting yourself out of that mess. Things will not get any better by being pessimistic.

Don’t forget the Big Guy above.
We turn to a lot for help, forgetting that God’s aid is within reach. We can always count on Him, may it be for help, guidance, or support. But, we should never neglect to thank Him for everything He’s done for us. The success of your research should be mainly offered to Him.

No matter how many pointers there are to guide you in your study, the fate of your research still depends on you. If you are determined to succeed, then you probably will. Who knows? This may be the one that can bring you fame and honor to the country.

1,553 grade six pupils to take NCE in 7 test centers in Bicol

1,553 grade six pupils to take NCE in 7 test centers in Bicol

A total of 1,553 grade six pupils from across Bicol region will be taking the one-screening Philippine Science High School National Competitive Examination (NCE) on October 12, records from the registrar’s office show.

Said number is distributed to seven test centers in the six provinces of the region

Leading this number are the 507 Albayanos who will take the exam at the Bicol University of College of Science, Legazpi City.

Following closely are the takers from Camarines Sur with 487, divided into two test centers: Camarines Sur National High School, Naga City, with 325 examinees, and PSHS Bicol Region Campus with 162.

Third is Camarines Norte with 166 examinees who will be taking the test at Camarines Norte State College Laboratory High School, Daet, Camarines Norte.

Other test centers include St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon, Sorsogon City, with 148 examinees; Catanduanes National High School in Virac with 137 examinees; and Mobo National High School, Mobo, Masbate, with 106 examinees.

It can be recalled that the original schedule of the NCE was Sept. 28, but due to unavoidable circumstances, the half-day examination was rescheduled.

Only 90 students are expected to be admitted to the PSHS, although some alternates could be admitted depending on whether or not there are principal passers who will not avail of the scholarship.

Once admitted, a student of the PSHS will enjoy a six-year scholarship, but his or her category will depend on the requirements parents are compelled to submit upon enrollment.

The NCE will consist of four types of tests, namely: verbal ability (language), scientific ability, mathematical ability, and abstract reasoning.

Official The Bicol Scholar 10th year anniversary t-shirt!

We are ‘resurrecting’ from a week-long hiatus, and for our ‘opening salvo’, we would like to present to our dear readers our official t-shirt for the school paper’s 10th year anniversary. We are not taking orders until this weekend, since we have yet to inquire on the price. The design will be both for white and blue shirts, and for round-neck and collared shirts.



Incidentally, we would like to thank the paper’s former cartoonist, Leomark Responde, for the design.